Intravenous Cannula
IV Cannula With Port – Sterile
IV Cannula Without Port (Small Wings) – Sterile
Safety Intravenous(I.V) Cannula
Scalp Vein
IV Butterfly
Vacuum Tube
Multi Sample Needle
Multi Sample Holder & Adapter
Arterial Catheter
Needle Veress for Pneumoperitonium
Set Suture Removal, Disposable
Closed Suction Catheter 72 hours – Sterile
Closed Suction Catheter 24 hours – Sterile
Suction Catheter Accessories – Sterile
3 & 4 Way Stopcock & Manifold
Ice Bag Plastic
Dressing Manuka Honey
Vomit Bag
I.V Arm Board
Auto Filling Chamber Humidifier
Body Fluid spill Pack (Blood, Urine and Vomit)
Sitz Bath Gold Colour
Cuff for Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring
Air Pressure Bag
C.V.P Manometer Kit/ Manometer Connecting Tube
Pressure Monitoring Kit
Yankuar Suction Handle Sterile
Yankuar Suction Set (suction tube with small & big connector) Sterile
Magnetic Drap
Labels IV Tubing
Measuring Tape
Gallipot / Gown
Stocking Varicose Vein (Open Toes) over knee for Adult
Nappy Babies
Transparent dressing
Pacifier Soother
Umbilical Ligature / Umbilical Tape/ Holder
Hemorrhoid Rubber Band
Brush for Operation – Disposable
Filter Needle
Leucocyte Filter
Heel Warmers
Breast milk container/ Breast pump/ Breast shield/ Breast protection pad
Bath Basin
Cleaning Cloth
Dressing / Ear muffler
Eye Shield
Goggles/Face Shield/Face Mask
Bandage Suspensory
Muscous Extractor with Non return Valve
Plastic Bags
Plastic Container
Plastic Bottles
Safety Plastic Container for Disposable Sharp
Peak flow Meter
Inner Liner for Suction Canister
Bag for Bottle
Feeding Bottle
Strap Restraint
Saliva Ejector
Razor Blade
Small Handle Scalpel (Stainless Steel) – Sterile
Long Handle Scalpel (Stainless Steel) – Sterile
Crash Cart (Plastic Seal)
Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks
Shampoo Cap
Patient’s Skin Care Chlorhexidine wipes:
Plastic Apron
Mattress Full Body
Over shoes specification
Water Based Gel
Breathing Exerciser
Gel Ultra Sound
Sterile Purified Water
Blanket Warming
Applicator Trip
Vaginal Speculum
Sims Speculum
Circumcision Device
Umbilical Catheter (PVC) Luer Tip
Umbilical Catheter Arterial (PUR) Luer Lock
Other Products
Foot Printer
Type of pessaries : Incontinence Dish with Support and without support, Ring with Support and without support, Donut, Gelhorn and Cube.
Vaginal Dilator Set
Tiemann Catheter
Nelaton Catheter Male
Nelaton Catheter Female
Double Lumen Catheter, Radio-Opaque, Graduated Soft Tip
Set Replacement, Polyurathane Pigtail
2-Way Foley Catheter 100% Pure Silicone
2-Way Foley Catheter Natural Latex Silicone Coated
Ureteral Stent (Indwelling Catheter) distal end Opened-PUR
Ureteral Stent (Indwelling Catheter) distal end closed-PUR
Ureteral Stent (Indwelling Catheter) distal end closed-PUR
Set Renal Dilator Amplatz
Set Replacement, Polyurathane Pigtail
Urethric Dilator Set
Ureteric Catheter (Disposable)
Self Lubricated Catheters
Cystocath Catheter Set (Suprapubic) Drainage
Nephrostomy Set
Urinary Catheter
Urine Bags Standard -200 ml
Urine Collector
Urine bag 2000ml with sampling port – Standard
Urine bag 2000ml with sampling port – Luxury
Urimetric Urinary Bag, For measuring
Urine Meter with measuring chamber (outlet port, & non-return valve)
Closed Urinary Drainage System (2000ml with 2-way foley catheter silicon)
Urine leg bag (with outlet port & non-return valve)
Basket – Catheter Set
Universal Stone Basket
Supra Pubic Catheter
Long term Drainage Set
Nephrostomy Set
Seldinger technique for drainage of urine and viscous fluid
PVC Wound Drainage Set (Silicon Multi Channel Tube)
Open Surgery Abdominal Drain (Without trocar) Sterile
Hi- Vacum Wound Drainage Set Spring Type
Silicon Hubless Wound Drainage (Silicon Multi channel Tube)
Wound Drainage Set Pre-evacuated – Sterile
Wound Drainage Set Bellow Pump – Sterile
Under Water Drainage System 2000/3000 Thoracic
Under Water Drainage System 700/2000 Pleural
Under Water Drainage System : Two Bottle
Under Water Drainage System : One Bottle
Under Water Drainage System : Tubing Set
Redon drain tube with trocar – Sterile
Redon drain tube without trocar – Sterile
Skin Marker
Skin Stapler
Sensor Oxygen Forehead Masimo SET Technology
SPO2 probe with Adhesive tape Masimo SET Technology
Pulse Oximeter Sensor Probe Adhesive tape Masimo SET technology
Saturation Probe neonates Nellcor technology
Skin Temperature Probe Giraffe Incubator
Saturation Probe (For Pulse Oximeter) Finger Tip
Temperature Probe
Feeding Tube with Guide Wire – Silicon
Enteral Feeding Bag with Set
Feeding tube with X-Ray line
Feeding Tube Gastrostomy – Silicone
Ryles Tubes With X-Ray Line
Rectal Tube
Drainage Tubes
Extension / Connection Tubes
Suction Connection Tubes (ID=5.0mm 7.0mm) Sterile
Nasojujenal Feeding Tube/ Suction Silicon Tube
I.V. Amber Tubing
Suction Catheter with finger control tip
Suction Catheter funnel type
Co2 gas tubing compatible Insufelator 150-200 cm
Thoracic Catheter Right Angle with Connector without trocar
Thoracic Catheter Straight with Connector without trocar
Thoracic Catheter Straight with trocar
Thoracic Catheter Straight with trocar
Chest Tube – drainage neonate
Blood Lines for (Gambro Machines) – Sterile
Blood Lines for (B. Braun Machines) – Sterile
Blood Lines for (Fresenius Machines) – Sterile
Blood Lines for (Other Machines) – Sterile
Arterial Venous Catheter for Haemodialysis – Sterile
Hemodialyzer Filters – Sterile
Cartridge for hemodialysis – Non Sterile
Fistula Needle – Sterile
Fistula Needle Set (Pair) – Sterile
“Y” Connector for Single Needle Dialysis – Sterile
Trans Urethral Resection Catheter – Sterile
Dialysis Catheter (short term): Single Lumen Catheter
Dialysis Catheter Double Lumen Catheter
Permthane Single Lumen Catheter & Set
CVC Single Lumen with J trip guide wire – Sterile
CVC Double Lumen with J trip guide wire – Sterile
CVC Triple Lumen with J trip guide wire – Sterile
CVC Four Lumen with J trip guide wire – Sterile
CVC Five Lumen with J trip guide wire – Sterile
HDC Single Lumen Catheter Set (Straight/ Femoral with J trip guide wire)
HDC Double Lumen Catheter Set (Straight/ Femoral with J trip guide wire)
HDC Single Lumen Catheter Set (curved with J trip guide wire)
HDC Double Lumen Catheter Set (curved/Jugular with J trip guide wire)
HDC Triple Lumen Catheter Set (straight/Femoral with J trip guide wire)
HDC Triple Lumen Catheter Set (curved/Jugular with J trip guide wire)
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Set – PDC
Permthane Double Lumen Catheter Set
Lumbar Puncture Set – Sterilized
Combined Spinal – Epidural Set – Sterilized
Epidural Set – Sterilized
Biopsy Set – Sterilized
Tracheostomy Care Kit
Patient Care Kit
Suction Catheter Kit
Haemodialysis Kits – Sterile
Urethral Catheterization Tray
Urinary Catheterization Tray
Umbilical Tray
Blood Exchange Transfusion Tray- Sterile
Syringe luer tip (sterile )
Syringe Luer Lock/side Nozzle (Sterile)
Syringe Insulin (sterile)
Special Syringes
Dual Syringe Injector
Blood Transfusion Set with “y” injection site- sterile
blood Administrator set -Burette Type -Sterile
Blood filter for removal of blood clots-sterile
I.V Infusion set With “Y” injection site / Administration set
I.V Infusion set With flow control
Burette I.V Infusion set With “Y” Injection site
Infusion Accessories
Transfer Set
Venting Needle
I.V. adhesive Fixer
SIPAP Inflow flow circuit
Infant bonnet , head cover to keep the premature and newborn Warm, Soft,latex free
Hat For Neonate
Nasal Prong , Maximum Patient flow 6 1/min
Little Suckers/Neosuchers-neonate Gentle Plastic
Eye Protector
Positioning Aid / Snuggle Ups
Polyurethane Catheter
Oxygen Nasal Cannula
Aerosol Mask Without Tube
Nebulizer Mask With tube
Oxygen Catheter
Oxygen Mask With tube
Nebulizer kit with (T-mouth pc , 15cm corrugated tube )
Aerosol Mask with Tube
Non-Rebreathing Mask
Partially Non Rebreathing Mask
Venturi Mask /Mask Vent Adult
Oxygen Catheter
Anesthesia Breathing circuit (Smooth Bore)
Anesthesia Breathing circuit (corrugated)
Ventelation Breathing Circuit
Catheter Mount
Breathing Bag ( Antistatic ) Reusable
MdI meter Dose
Bacterial & Viral Filters
Bacterial /Viral Filter With Heat & Moisture exchange Type
Bacterial /Viral Filter With Heat & Moisture exchange Type (Artificial Nose )
Tracheostomy HME Filter
E.T.T preformed (South Facing-oral) Cuffed
E.T.T preformed (north Facing Nasal) Cuffed
E.T.T preformed (South Facing-oral) UNCuffed
E.T.T preformed (north Facing Nasal) UNCuffed
Endotracheal Tubes Oral/Nasal-Cuffed
Endotracheal Tubes Reinforced Oral/Nasal-Cuffed
Endotracheal Tubes Oral/Nasal-UnCffed
Endotracheal Tubes Reinforced Oral/Nasal-UnCffed
Tube Endo-Bronchial Double Lumen & Endo-blocker double balloon -sterile
Bouji Straight Curved Blunt Guide Endotrachal tube -sterile
Endotracheal Tubes With Subglottic suction port -Sterile
Spinal needle pencil point with introducer needle
Spinal needle Quinke bevel with introducer needle
Resuscitation Mask
Anesthesia Face Masks
Manual Resuscitator PVC Type-Single use
Manual Resuscitator Silicon Type-Reusable
Pharyngeal Airway
Naso-Pharyngeal Airway-PVC
Naso-Pharyngeal Airway-Silicon
laryngeal Airway Mask -PVC
laryngeal Airway Mask (Reinforced Reusable -silicon)
laryngeal Airway Mask set (Reinforced Reusable -silicon)
All-Silicone Tracheostomy Tube : Un-Cuffed
All-Silicone Tracheostomy Tube : Cuffed
Tracheostomy Tube
Tracheostomy Mask